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PPT - The Problem with powerpoint


A surprising amount of time at art school is spent making Powerpoints, and we have serious concerns that this presentation method flattens all perception of our art to the same dead zone. So we asked Cuba, Ghana and El Salvador what we could do about this problem. View the full brief here.



Our Ghana think tank wasn't quite sure what Powerpoint was, so they answered the question 'how should we present to groups of people' by suggesting handbills and posters. The group had minimal idea as to what this was about so could not really propose solutions to it. We had to make them give their opinions as to what they think is a good way of making general public presentations.
  • Use handbills coupled with explanations, etc
  • Use of pictures and words in poster formats to explain issues.


Cuba hasn't gotten back on this one.

El Salvador

El Salvador suggested Socio Dramas or videotaped interviews:
Don't limit yourself to this medium, be more creative and don't think that the computer can do everything. Present sociodramas (what do you call that, role plays or something), use art and music and theater to communicate the points you want to make and photos about what you are talking about, also a video with people talking about what they think about the theme or problem.


Socio Drama in lieu of PPT

The Salvadoran think tank suggested we perform socio dramas instead of powerpoints, so we developed a sociodrama based on the imaginary world of TheySaySmall as it related to the films and theory of Trinh T. Minh-ha. Classmates adopted the roles of characters engaged in disembodied time-travel.

View the video or download the "script."